Pozostając na tej stronie internetowej i korzystając z naszych usług, tym samym użytkownik wyraża zgodę na to, że gromadzimy dane dotyczące jego wizyty u nas. W naszej polityce prywatności wyjaśniamy, które dane gromadzimy, dlaczego je gromadzimy i do jakich celów je wykorzystujemy.
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Rapunzel Polska - Przedłużanie włosów sklep
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Make a wish come true

Whether it’s long hair for the Christmas party, a gift idea for your sister or perhaps another item to add to your Christmas list, we hope our guide will help you find the right products for you.

Up to 20 €

Dry climates mean hair that craves moisture. Rapunzel of Sweden’s hair care range is developed for hair extensions and gives not only your extension an extra boost, it also works wonders on your own hair.
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Up to 60 €

Rapunzel Ponytail eliminates morning hair panic and saves the season's soiree looks. It attaches easily to your own ponytail and offers infinite variety. Available in genuine hair that you can easily style with a curling iron or flat iron!

The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!
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Up to 100 €

Forget all that you have heard about effortless hair, natural beach curls and the just got out of bed look. At least for now. Think of the Holiday Hair Season as your freepass to adventure. Exciting up-dos, daring colour choices, cool accessories and voluminous Hollywood blowouts. Everything just a little bit ..... too much.... for all the other 10 months of the year.
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